Gábor T. Szántó -"1945"

Budapest-based novelist, poet, essayist and screenwriter Gábor T. Szántó co-wrote with director Ferenc Török the powerful Hungarian film “1945.”

Alexandra Dean - ‘Bombshell’- The Hedy Lamarr Story"

Emmy award-winning documentarian Alexandra Dean wrote and directed “Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story,” a film that delves into the life of the Jewish émigré film star from Austria. 

Manfred Kirchheimer - "My Coffee with Jewish Friends"

Veteran editor and director Manfred Kirchheimer, whose work includes "We Were So Beloved" (1987), looks at issues related to Jewish identity in “My Coffee with Friends” 

Avi Nesher - "The Other Story"

Avi Nesher is one of Israel’s foremost film directors, whose films include "Turn Left At the End of the World" and "The Troupe." His latest film “The Other Story" raises important questions about the world of the ultra-Orthodox Jew

Ofir Raul Grazier - "The Cakemaker"

Ofir Raul Grazier received Israel's 2018 Ophir Award for Best Director and Best Film for his first feature narrative, "The Cakemaker." The film tackles with great sensitivity the story of intimate relationships, lost love, and the German-Israeli connection.

Ruth Beckermann - "The Waldheim Waltz"

Documentarian Ruth Beckermann discusses her biographical drama about former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim and the controversy about his role in the Nazi regime. 

Dennis Scholl - "The Last Resort"

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Scholl's latest documentary takes us on a journey to Miami Beach of the 1970s and 1980s through the photographic lens of two young photographers.

Oren Rudavsky - "Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People"

Filmmaker Oren Rudavsky discusses his film "Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People," which tells the story of the remarkable Jewish newspaper publisher.  

Michal Aviad - "Working Woman"

In 2019 Ophir Award-nominated “Working Woman" (for Best Film), Israeli film director Michal Aviad looks at Israeli society and the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Actress Liron Ben-Shlush won the Ophir for Best Actress.

Sasson Gabai - "The Band's Visit"

Veteran Israeli actor Sasson Gabai, three-time winner of Israel's Ophir Award for Best Acting, discusses playing the lead role in “The Band’s Visit” in both the movie (Best Actor - Israeli Ophir Award) and as Tony Shalhoub's replacement in the Tony Award-winning Broadway show. 

Boaz Yehonatan Yacov - "Redemption"

Writer-director Boaz Yehonatan Yacov discusses becoming religious late in life and his directorial debut "Redemption," about a religious rock star who returns to music. Yacov was nominated for an 2019 Israeli Ophir Award for Best Director.

Gil Levanon & Kat Rohrer- "Back to the Fatherland"

Israeli filmmaker Gil Levanon and Australian filmmaker Kat Rohrer speak about their film, "Back to the Fatherland," a documentary exploration of Israelis living in Germany and Austria today.

Jeremy Newberger- "Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel"

Jeremy Newberger shares his adventure in making this film with Seth Kramer and Dennis A. Miller. It's a documentary about how Team Israel, composed largely of Jewish American Major League players, fought its way to the finals of the World Baseball Classic in Japan. 

Sameh Zoabi- "Tel Aviv on Fire"

Palestinian-Israeli writer/director Sameh Zoabi talks about his comedy, "Tel Aviv on Fire," winner of the 2019 Israeli Ophir Award for Best Screenplay. The film centers on a Palestinian who becomes a soap opera writer after befriending an Israeli soldier at a check point. 

Max Lewkowicz- "Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles"

Max Lewkowicz speaks about his film, "Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles," in which he explores the many manifestations of Sholom Aleichem's classic "Tevye stories." The stories became the basis on Broadway for "Fiddler on the Roof," and continues to be staged today across the world in a multitude of languages.